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Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal as an out of work guy who begins to film news as it happens, so that he can sell it to the big local news station.  But everything goes terribly wrong when he arrives before the police and becomes the only witness to a murder.

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  • The Book of Life is a romantic adventure on the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.  This charming tale starts out like so many others, with a trio of best friends, and endless possibilities.  Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria are the best of friends; but just like with so many other triangles, it is not meant to last.  Everyone in the small Mexican town of San Angel is playing, setting up gifts, and laying down food for the annual Day of the Dead festival.  Manolo helps his father and grandmother prepare for remembering his dearly missed mother, as well as all of the Sanchez family on the other side in the Land of the Remembered.  Joaquin stands at the statue of his father, a great local hero who drove away an evil bandit and all of his banditos.  But unbeknownst to the children at play, mystical forces are gathering against them.  La Muerte, brought to life by Kate del Castillo (No Good Deed, A Miracle in Spanish Harlem, and Without Men), the benevolent ruler of the Land of the Remembered, and Xibalba, cast to Ron Perlman (13 Sins, the TV series Sons of Anarchy, and Pacific Rim), the mischievous ruler of the Land of the Forgotten, have made a wager against the children.  If little Manolo marries Maria, then La Muerte will continue as the deity of the Land of Remembered; but if little Maria marries Joaquin, then Xibalba will inherit the Land of the Remembered and La Muerte will be cast down below in the Land of the Forgotten.

  • Fury is the latest movie from director David Ayer, who also directed the films: End of Watch, Sabotage, and Street Kings.  Fury is defined as a wild or violent anger, or a spirit of punishment from Greek Mythology.  After seeing this movie, I now have a slightly different interpretation.  I now define fury as the uncontrollable rage of anger from a righteous man attempting to achieve justice for the lost and the departed.  In Fury a 5 man Sherman tank unit from the United States embarks on a mission into Germany during World War II to protect a supply line from an advancing Nazi SS unit on a collision course with them.  The M4 Sherman Tank was rushed into production in October 1941 as a response to the fall of France in only a matter of weeks to Germany’s Nazi soldiers.  At this time the U.S. had fallen behind in tank technology, as no immediate threat seemed imminent to the U.S. after World War I.  The design of the Sherman tank emphasized speed and mobility by limiting the thickness of the armor and the size of the main gun.  The M4’s main armament was a short-barreled, low-velocity 75-mm gun and had an armor thickness between 3 in. and 0.5 in. The vehicle weighed about 33 tons and had a 425-horsepower gasoline engine.  The tank also had a maximum speed of 24 to 29 mph and a range 100 to 150 miles. The M4 only carried a five man crew consisting of a commander, gunner, loader, driver, and assistant driver.