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Horrible Bosses 2 is the sequel to the bumbling crime caper of 2011.  This time the whole gang gets back together to give crime another try.  When 3 idiots try to kidnap the son of a billionaire, in order to ransom him to try to save their company, things go badly.

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  • Big Hero 6 is Disney’s newest collaboration with Marvel Comics.  Although Big Hero 6 began as a superhero team founded in Japan in a 1998 Marvel comic, Disney’s movie adaptation is like having Wolverine clawless and smiling all of the time.  The first appearance of Big Hero 6 came in the #1 issue of Marvel Comics’ Sunfire & Big Hero 6 that was released in September 1998.  At that time the team consisted of their once evil leader Silver Samurai, Honey Lemon the inventor of the Power Purse, and GoGo Tomago released from prison on the singular condition that she join the team.  Next the Giri group of Japan recruited 13 year old Hiro Takachiho, the boy genius who created the robot bodyguard Baymax that could turn into a dragon; and during the team’s first big battle, they were joined by the famous and well known Japanese mutant Sunfire.  Now if this sounds like a Big Hero 6 movie that you did not just see in theaters, you are correct.  In the film adaptation all of the characters are science and robotics nerds from the local university, but don’t let that ruin anything for you.  In the Marvel Universe characters are used and reused in multiple universes at multiple times with multiple teams all trying to save the world from super villains again and again.