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  • Run All Night is the latest film to star Oscar nominated actor Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List, Taken, and A Walk Among the Tombstones) and Oscar nominated actor Ed Harris (The Hours, The Truman Show, and Apollo 13) as childhood friends caught on opposite sides of tragedy.  Liam plays an ex-solider clean-up man for his New York mob boss Harris.  Liam also hasn't seen his son, cast to Joel Kinnaman (the TV series The Killing, RoboCop (2014), and Safe House), in over 5 years since his wife passed away.  We are introduced to Liam as he wakes up drunk in the corner booth of a pub owned by Harris.  All of Harris’ goons continually jeer and make fun of him until Liam can disappear around the corner.  He enters Harris’ office to find Harris’ son Danny snorting coke off of the desk and then proceeds to ask him for a loan already approved by Harris over the phone.  Danny seizing the opportunity to take advantage of his father’s last and oldest friend refuses to give Liam the loan unless he plays Santa at the afternoon Christmas party at Harris’.  Begrudgingly Liam accepts.  Before the Christmas party can begin, Danny sets up a meeting with Harris and a group of Albanian mobsters in order for Harris to get $2,000,000 and 20% of all of the Albanians’ heroine that he can get through customs at the port.  Harris refuses the offer having already lost all of his old friends to addition, incarceration, and death, except Liam.  This puts Danny on the wrong side of the Albanians who have already paid him a fee for a guaranteed deal being completed.

  • The D.U.F.F. is Hollywood’s latest film adaptation from a novel of the same name that also seems to follow along the lines of a typical teen comedy.  The D.U.F.F. was written by Kody Keplinger and was released in hardback in September of 2010, and has since made its way to paperback and eBook status.  The D.U.F.F. is actually an acronym that stands for a teenage social group’s “designated ugly fat friend”.  According to the film version of the novel, the friend does not need to be ugly or fat, but he or she does need to be the least attractive member of a group of friends.  This person in the group then has the job of “gatekeeper”.  Since they are the least attractive, and therefore on a superficial level, are the least desirable to the opposite sex; they become the most approachable person in the group.  The D.U.F.F. can answer questions for newly single or inquiring minds of the opposite sex without having an awkward conversation with a hotter member of the group in the hallway, in class, or at a party.  Interested people can find out about love interests, relationship statuses, or upcoming plans so as not to conflict or seem desperate to an uninterested hottie.  This all seems well and good if you are friending up the social high school ladder and take on your role as the D.U.F.F. with enthusiasm and gusto, but what would you do if you found out that you were the D.U.F.F. and never knew it?